New project by Tunafishisgood

I was originally going to have some kind of new world setting with zombie apocalyptic setting but I changed my mind.

It's going to have ponies and be filled with sparkles.



Random post by Tunafishisgood


gathering inner chuunibyou powers.

P.S Sil, get yr stuff already owo

Merry Christmas~ by Tunafishisgood

From tuna~ who's at work during Christmas eve.

Just Cause... by Tunafishisgood

just cause last post was Valentines, giving the front page new looks.

I wonder if the name Neo comes from Neon and Xeno comes from Xenon.
Which plausible names you all think could be pulled out of here?
I know pokemon took a lot out of there. Gold, Silver....

Happy Single Awareness/Valentine's Day ~2012 by Tunafishisgood

Yep... anyways.... I'll leave this here since its kinda relevant.

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